Trophy riders

The Triumph Trophy was a product of the dark days of the immediate post war period.Born out of competition and export necessity,it was a factory bitza with engine parts from a wartime bomber and a ridged frame, but something about it ticked all the boxes, many say it was the best looking bike that Triumph ever produced....

Buying it

Everyone (including me) will say that a ‘basket case’ is an expensive way to get a motorcycle. That price will look tempting but who in the sales environment can ascertain what is missing?

I have done it before when I built a series ‘D’ Vincent from a box of bits, but in that case I know Vincent’s inside out,and the costs of spares and the asking price made it a viable activity. (See

In the case of the Trophy my heart ruled my head, I have wanted an early Trophy for years ,I am a relative late comer to Triumphs having had a 7R and Vincent’s on the road before starting racing, and so I sort of missed out on the parallel twin bit. I did build a 58 Thunderbird wreck into a Trophy replica (which I still have) and did a few MCC Trials in sidecar and solo trim, but it was the rigid Trophy I wanted most (My wife also likes it which helps).

Triumph Trophy 52

A point in favour of basket cases is however that if left they may be split up and  never otherwise be rebuilt. So I feel you can completely restore it without ruining a part of history .In my opinion to take a complete motorcycle with all the original patina and then stove enamel, plate and polish it into a museum exhibit is not a good way to go.But with a basket case the situation is easier.

Anyway there was this box (actually a few boxes of bits) and a high price which subsequent negotiations brought down to what I regarded as the maximum price (that price was what was being asked for a TRW replica in an almost completed state).

Main Points were, it checked out as a Trophy frame and engine number and it had that ultimate in unobtainium: the correct primary chain case. Most of the other bits seemed there so I loaded my van and paid up.
The fun had begun....

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